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 Thank you for agreeing to submit a video sharing your experience with The System. Here are some simple guidelines to help you submit a great video.

  1. Use Your Phone, Tablet or Laptop
    One of the easiest ways to shoot a video these days is with your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Most have high-quality cameras capable of taking great videos. Here’s how to get a good video shot:

    • Shoot with your camera horizontal so that your screen looks like a widescreen TV.

    • Try to hold it steady and at eye level, or if you have a tripod, use that.

    • The closer you are to the phone, the less shaky the video will appear, and your audio will be better too.

    • Make sure you can see your face and shoulders in the shot.

  2. Pick the Right Setting
    Shoot in a setting you are comfortable in that is quiet. Natural light is always great, but make sure it’s not at your back, rather you are facing the sun or open and bright windows. Also, make sure the background isn’t cluttered or distracting.

  3. Hit record and be yourself
    The main thing is to tell your story and share your experience. To help, here are 3 questions to answer:
    1 – Who are you? (introduce yourself)
    2 – What is the problem you faced, or why did you decide to take The System?
    3 – How did The System help you feel good, look good and did it taste good? Would you recommend others use it?

  4. Show your bottle of The System
    hold up your bottle or pouch of The System to the camera as you mention it if possible.

  5. Keep it between 30-90 seconds
    Be detailed and share your experience with specific experiences (e.g. “I started to really feel focused after the third week and did not feel the normal slump in energy at 3pm that I used to feel”), but don’t worry about making it several minutes long.

Once you’ve recorded your video and it’s saved, feel free to submit it to info@thesystembystacy or with the contact form below. We’ll then send you a 50% coupon code to apply to your next purchase.

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