Do you love yourself naked? When you stand bare ass in front of a full length mirror, do you say, "Damn, I look good!"? Or, do you scan your reflection for every little dimple or sag that doesn't fit the airbrushed image of perfection you see in magazines? Most of us are our worst self-critics, and it's that constant negative self-talk that may do more to sabotage our weight loss efforts than an extra spoonful of ice cream or a missed trip to the gym. Here's why: 

Your state of mind and emotional patterns can change your biochemistry and neurology, which can directly influence weight loss. The giant missing piece to the weight loss puzzle is NOT behavioral, it’s mental, or should I say mindful. 

Here’s how it works:

    •    You have a thought.

    •    The brain sends signals to the body in accordance with that thought.

    •    The body releases chemicals, i.e. you experience feelings in line with that thought.

    •    The brain picks up the chemicals being released by the body.

    •    The brain thinks the thoughts in line with the chemicals being sent by the body.

Voila, you are now stuck in a repeated pattern of thought that you experience in mind and body.

          The good news is that, with just a few simple, mindful exercises, we can reverse the cycle of negative self-perception. In my extensive research and hands on training techniques in fitness, nutrition and natural medicine, I've finally found the key that can unlock those emotional and mental blocks to long-term and sustained weight loss.  Once you've tried it, you'll be stunned by the results. Small, physiological changes will begin immediately, and add up to total transformation in mood, mind and body. 

In three short months you will:

  • Understand the faulty wiring that is affecting weight loss. 
  • Harness the neuroplasticity of the brain to bring the conscious and subconscious mind into harmony.
  • Become aware of your negative thought and feeling patterns.
  • Understand how to balance the chakra system for weight loss. 
  • Change your thoughts and feeling to enhance metabolism. 
  • Learn intuitive nutrition.
  • Rebalance the gut.
  • Learn how to eat to maximize weight loss and life. 
  • Get 3 months worth of kick ass workouts. 
  • Have actionable tools to change your body and change your mind. 
  • Love yourself naked.