Frequently asked question

What makes The System unique?

You mean other than the way it will totally transform your body, right?  The System’s high quality organic ingredients deliver everything your body needs on a daily basis. You’ll not only get all the vitamins and minerals, but also all the protein, carbs, and fat you need too (and if anyone tells you don’t need carbs and fat, they’re lying). This will satisfy your body on a cellular level which will not only turn you into a lean mean machine, but means you won’t have to suffer through awful hunger pains to get the results you want. The System is more than just the shakes though. You’ll get exercise tips, delicious recipes, and suggestions for living an overall healthy and more balanced life. You can have it all, and look better while having it. Trust us on this one. 


Does The System have to be refrigerated?

We know your life can’t be tethered to your Sub Zero. The System comes in powder form, so you can leave it in your purse, glove box, desk drawer, or even that back pouch in your stroller where tissues and binkies go to die. The powder is good forever until you add water. Once you mix the powder with water then it has to be refrigerated, but will keep for up to three days. But once you mix it up you’re going to finish it all in one sitting anyway. Yes, it’s that good. 


Is The System better than a juice cleanse?

The System gives you all the right ingredients to fuel your body and make it even healthier. The human body is the greatest machine in the entire world, and if you give it all the nutrients it craves it will cleanse itself. Juice cleanses work on depriving your body of what it needs to lose weight. People drop pounds because they’re not getting the protein, fiber, and fat that they need to survive. the juice just gets them enough sugar to slog through a hungry day. 


Will I lose weight?

Because everybody is genetically a bit different, we can’t make any promises that this will work for 100% of the people out there, but if you drink the shakes and follow all the tips in the program, you should lose weight. Even if the numbers stay the same on the scale, your body will also transform itself so that the weight you have is all in your gorgeous muscles rather than in fat deposits. The great thing about The System is that it is not about depravation but about nourishment on a cellular level. You will lose weight by finally giving your body everything it needs to run cleanly and smoothly, not making yourself suffer through needless and dangerous restrictions. 


Do I need to do anything in preparation to start the system?

Even if you use your oven for extra sweater storage instead of baking, we’re confident that you’re ready to start The System today. Alright, fine, if you don’t have a shaker you might need to go to the drug store to pick one up, but other than that, you’re all good. Like the Boy Scouts say, it’s always best to be prepared, so go out and stock up on The System-approved groceries the day before you start. You won’t need to stock up on motivation though. The results you get are going to give you all the drive you need. 


How am I going to feel? 

You’re going to feel better than you’ve felt in a long time. It’s not like every day will be a living orgasm, but when you provide everything your body needs it functions on a higher level. You’ll be more energetic, clear-headed, and focused. It’s like going back to your youth, but with all the knowledge not to make all the same stupid mistakes. And probably a better body. And don’t forget, unlike a juice cleanse, this isn’t about depriving your body. If you are hungry all the time or are mentally cloudy, grouchy, or sluggish you might need to fine tune what you’re eating during your meal time. Listen to your body, it always knows what’s best. 


What kind of results should I expect?

You’re going to lose body fat, possibly gain lean muscle mass (don’t worry, you won’t bulk up like some WWE wrestler), have a lot more energy, be mentally focused, and feel totally satisfied with your body and health. You’re going to be the best version of you. That means people are probably going to love you even more than they do already. We can’t promise adoration, but it is a nice side effect. 


How should I prepare the shakes? 

Just add water and shake. It’s really simple and we even have some tips and tricks so that if you want to get all Top Chef with it you can have a good time. 


When can I eat?

Your mother always said breakfast was the most important meal of the day, but she never did The System. Your largest meal will be lunch and you’ll get two snacks after each shake. But because nothing in your life will work if you’re too strict, there are some allowances. If you have a hot date for dinner, you can have your two shakes earlier in the day and eat your meal in the evening. Unlike some cleanses that want you to change your schedule for them, The System will bend to fit your life. But ideally you’ll stick to shakes in the morning and evening and eating a healthy lunch as much as you possibly can. 


Are there any no-no's?

Just like in life, the only no-nos with The System are forgetting to pay your taxes and being a jerk to others. You will be giving your body so much of what it needs to thrive that The System will work in spite of you having little dietary slip ups every now and again. A few chocolate chips won’t keep your from seeing results (but a whole bag will). However, it’s probably best for you to avoid dairy and starchy carbohydrates, which is not only sound advice for The System but pretty much for your life in general. Yes, cheese and French fries are delicious and all, but they're not part of our best life.