Love Yourself: The Naked Photoshoot on Only Good TV

I'm so excited to share our most recent Love Yourself: the Naked Photoshoot in collaboration with Only Good TV. It was the first time we had a production company join us to film the process of transformation. Words don't accurately describe the power of the experience so I'll let the video and the images speak for themselves. I hope you enjoy. A special thank you to Cathleen, Morgan, Heidi, Raveen Deb and Adam. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Morgan on belly .jpg

Morgan Cuffie, wearing only a robe, stands in front of the camera. She is in a studio with Dr. Stacy Berman, the creator of the ‘Love Yourself: The Naked Photoshoot’ program, because she had spontaneously agreed to go for it and pose. Now, a million thoughts are running through her head. “You feel this trepidation…and… like…wait…should I be doing this?” she recalled. “There’s definitely a point where you forget you’re naked. You have complete awareness and no awareness at all. You know that you are naked but you just don’t care.”

Baring yourself naked can be downright frightening. Stacy designed these shoots to use these uncomfortable feelings as powerful tools for transformation.

Stacy’s photoshoots are for women to come and explore what it feels like to embody emotions like sexy, powerful and strong outside of society’s gaze and redefine themselves. The women who are participating in these photoshoots have struggled through trauma and work with Stacy to overcome the effects of those experiences

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