It's all connected: Part 1: Body, experiences, and bioenergy

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So, a lot of the time we trash ourselves, right?

We aren’t eating right, sleeping right, stressing out about every little thing, spending far too much of our lives looking at screens, and proper exercise hasn’t happened since the early 2000s.  

But there are these times when we actually are living in congruence: what we think, what we say, and what we are doing are all lining up. Less takeout, more cooking. You’re grabbing at least 7 hours of sleep, drinking tons of water, and taking the stairs. You aren’t full-on meditating but getting at least 10-15 minutes of silence to yourself.

Ever notice during these times, at least biologically, things really start to line up. Less exhaustion. That dull ache in your back lessens. Skin looks better.  You feel better: both physically and in your attitude. And people in general get on your nerves less.

That’s because it is all connected:  our life experiences, our bodies, energy and stress. Balance. Congruence. A natural syzygy that keeps us in us in a orbit. Integrated. Aligned.

But what about the stressors over which we have no control? What about experiential stress that was there before we were able to make our own choices?

In this case, we  aren’t  trashing ourselves. These are stressors that were downloaded into our bodies most likely in the first 10 years of our lives.

In our last series, we discussed external and present stressors and their impact on the body. In this next series, we’re unpacking developmental stressors, where they live in our bodies, and how we can heal/unblock them for more a healthier, happier, and more stable body and mind.  


Simply put, we will be focusing on stress during developmental times, stress, trauma, or conditioning that happens to humans between the ages of 0-10. This can include: childhood traumas, cultural, societal, religious conditioning, limited belief systems, restrictive, exhausting patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving, physical and emotional injuries, or even lack of attention. These all manifest in the body as a form of stress.

This isn’t new information. Any therapist will tell us the developmental years set the tone for the rest of our lives. We spend lifetimes trying to outrun incidents, relationships, and issues that manifested during early childhood.

But what we may not know is that our body physically stores these stressors and experiences. Without a proper way to release those experiences, they hardwire into the nervous system, become holding patterns. When they become holding patterns they influence all of our thoughts feelings and action, as well as every system of the body:

  • Circulatory system

  • Digestive system

  • Endocrine system

  • Integumentary system/ Exocrine  system

  • Lymphatic system / Immune  system

  • Muscular system

  • Nervous system

  • Renal system / Urinary system /  Excretory system

  • Bioenergy system

Why is this problematic?

Because of congruence. Because as we said before, everything is connected. Developmental stress that has metastasized into hardwired holding patterns, our brains and bodies create incoherent or disordered states of communication between the above systems. Imagine the game Telephone (I’m aging myself, aren’t I?).  A message is whispered in Adam’s ear, and Adam whispers it to Jen, Jen whispers it to Henry, and so on and so forth. When the last person is whispered the message, the reveal is often radically different than the original message.

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