Even Doctors Love The System

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Check out Dr. Jamie Blau’s Awesome endorsement for The System.

"Having know Stacy for a number of years, I am familiar with her holistic approach to health and fitness. When she said she was developing a product line of protein powders I was intrigued. As a doctor here in New York City, many of my patients have health concerns that extend into the realm of nutrition and I prefer to recommend things I can speak to personally. 

With that said, The System by Stacy hit all of the major touch points, where other products fall short. The ingredients list is straight forward. Since it is a dry mix with whole ingredients there were no additional chemicals or preservatives. Stacy went the extra mile to use higher ingredients. For New Yorker's who want quality the nominal cost difference is not an issue and the individual bottles make it extremely portable. Stacy's knowledge of her client base really shows as every step of the product was thorough. 

Next, I was surprised with the flavor. Usually healthy food comes with a concession, flavor. There are loads of organic drinks on the market but many of them taste like licking tree bark. The System's range of flavors leverage the carob base well to make it that is actually a treat to drink. It can be compatibly mixed with nut milks, regular milk, and yogurt, so there are endless customizations that people can use so it fits their palate." 

Thanks Dr. B

Stacy Berman