The NAKED Project: Part 1


Welcome to my upcoming book. I'd like to share some excerpts with you over the next few months. In the book I'll break down the mechanisms of the mind - body connection, how thinking and feeling patterns affect your metabolism, digestive and endocrine systems and really F with your ability to lose weight. Oh and I’ll also tell you how to make lasting changes.


Diet and exercise fads come and go, but the basis of any successful weight loss system has always been monotonously the same: if you consume less calories than you burn, those extra pounds will eventually come off. But what if that’s not all there is? What if there is a giant missing piece to the weight loss puzzle that is NOT behavioral? What if there is a way to help that doesn’t require a workout, a food scale or a trip to the farmer’s market? And what if those tools were available right here, in these next pages, with a series of simple exercises that you can do in the privacy of your home?

The Naked Project gives readers the missing piece. This book is for the millions of you who’ve spent years counting calories, working out and trying every iteration of a diet and exercise regimen. You put in all that effort, only to watch the scale either barely budge or yo yo, never managing to sustain a healthy weight and beating yourself up in the process. If you keep wondering what’s wrong with you, and what more you can possibly do right to shed those extra pounds, I have the key. It’s not a magic bullet and you’ll still have to work, but the heavy lifting isn’t physical, it’s mental – or I should say, mindful. 

By understanding our state of mind and taking steps to break out of patterns like negative self-talk and improve self-perception, the pounds will melt away. But the change required is not behavioral. It’s all in the mind. My research, and the data of an emerging field of science and medicine, proves that yes, crappy self-perception slows weight loss, while a positive self-image enhances it. In this book, I will show you the studies, the scientific proof, as well as plenty of relatable anecdotal evidence that will leave you in no doubt that the old adage “mind over matter” actually does have real life applications that can enable us to achieve our ideal bodies.

The Mechanism

Here’s how it works:

We have a thought.

The brain sends signals to the body in accordance with that thought.

The body releases chemicals, i.e. you experience feelings in line with that thought.

The brain picks up the chemicals being released by the body.

The brain thinks the thoughts in line with the chemicals being sent by the body.

Voila, we are now stuck in a repeated pattern of thought that we experience in mind and body. We have literally wired our brains and become biochemically attached to this state of being. The problem is, that wiring is often faulty, because over the course of our lifetimes we’ve picked up a lot of garbage, i.e. learned thought, feeling and behavior patterns. As developmental biologist Bruce Lipton puts it, “Psychology reveals up to 70% of these ‘learned’ behaviors are disempowering, self-sabotaging and limiting.”

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Stacy Berman