Living in survival mode and how it fucks with your ability to create a new you

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I’m so excited to share my new series for Fran Drescher’s Cancer Schmancer Foundation.

When you open your eyes in the morning what is the first emotion you experience?  For many people it is stress, in the form of to do lists, worries, and the endless feeds on our phones.  In this moment your conscious mind and body connect.  They set off a chain of chemical reactions that inform your day. In The Stress and Creation Series we will breakdown the mechanics of how our minds and bodies interact, when we are awake and asleep.

If we simplify the 70,000 thoughts an average person has a day, they divide into two categories, survival and creation.  Survival keeps us alive and creation allows us to make something of our lives.  They are designed to balance one another.  When Maslow set out the hierarchy of needs, survival forms the base of the pyramid.  It is the foundation of the human experience.  But if this survival dominates our daily existence it will have profound effects on our bodies, our emotional health, and our ability to create a desirable future. 

But isn’t that what being an adult is all about, being stressed?  We are told it is a part of life…it builds character, and makes us better people.  That is a half truth that neurologically makes very little sense.  We are designed for acute stress, but sustained stress can be prevent us from fully realizing our potential.  Let’s look at how the body is designed to deal with stress. 

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Stacy Berman