Deb lost 12 pounds and 2 pant sizes in two months

Hello world, meet Deb. Deb is a NYC based photographer who lost 12 pounds and 2 pant sizes in two months.

Q: Why did you try The System by Stacy

D: Alright, so I’m 44 now. Things change, especially for women. I’m not going to be able to lose weight like I was able to when I was 25 where I could say “oh I have to lose 5 pounds” and I could just stop eating cheese for a week and that would be gone. It’s not happening like that anymore. And it’s frustrating. That was the first time I really could not lose weight.

Q: What kind of results did you have?

D: In the first month I lost 12 pounds, went down 2 pant sizes, never felt deprived, mentally I felt fantastic. Prior to starting it I had felt lethargic, a bit tired, I never felt like I was fully rested. I didn’t feel grumpy, I just felt so much healthier and I also felt more confident.

Q: And, what else?

D: I want to treat my body as it deserves to be treated. It was something that was going to work with my lifestyle, it was also going to work with my own eating habits. I love the coffee flavor. The peanut butter was fantastic.

Q: How each was it?

D: The product itself was incredibly easy to use. What I did like was that there were three formats. I could get the bottles, I could get the pouches if I wanted to throw it in a bag and take it with me. After doing it, even for a couple of days, I knew I made the right decision because I felt the affects right away.

Q: How awesome are the people at The System?

D: The interaction that I actually had with Stacy or the people at The System when I started the program. I was shocked. I didn’t actually expect such personalized service and attention. It does make you feel that good. It is something that I am going to keep in my kitchen because it is going to be a part, I think, of the rest of my life.

Love your body from the inside out with The System

Stacy Berman