When your body texts you "bitch eat a vegetable"

Whatever our relationships with our bodies, it is possibly even more fucked up with food. We aren’t eating enough. We are eating too much. When we do eat, it’s a pint of ice cream. At 9:50 pm. Literally our first meal of the day. Besides coffee. There was definitely coffee somewhere in there. Or we start the day with cucumbers and water, but end it with a double cheeseburger, chili fries, and beer.

And groceries? What the fuck are groceries?

And everything in between. We eat thoughtlessly; it’s just an ongoing eat-whatever-i-can-find-quickly-with-little-effort-fuck-it fest. And getting out of that thoughtless eating pattern seems literally impossible, or soooo much effort, we stay in perpetual “I-just-can’t-today.” “Maybe-tomorrow.”

We all know tomorrow will be just as fucked as today.

Every amazing human reading this, hear me:

This blog is NOT about laying out a diet/food/eating plan for you.

Look. For. That. Elsewhere.

This blog is what it always will be:

1. A mechanism and path to get us to start actively listening to your body and her signals.

2. Teaching you the science behind why we think and feel the way we do.

3. Some tips and tricks to help you respond to your body’s signals with positivity, patience, acceptance, and love.

That being said, we’ll be taking a holistic approach to the very frustrating and at times polarizing topic: what the fuck should I eat?


  1. Energy dips throughout the day?

  2. Hungry right after you eat?

  3. Unexplained mood swings?

  4. Can’t lose weight?

Any of those sound familiar? These are just some signs that you might want to take a look at what, when, and how you are eating.  Check out more signs you aren’t getting enough veggies here.

Science Shit: Food is NOT fuel.

We all know the semi-truth that has been drummed into our heads by the fitness industry:  “Food is fuel,” “Your body is a high performance car,” and you need “the best fuel to get through our day.”

One can understand the logic behind this thought process: If we start understanding food as “fuel” stop thinking of it as comfort, sadness, joy, and/or something you’ve earned (for those of us who’ve said in ourselves: “you didn’t work out this morning, so you don’t get breakfast!”), we can start eating “better” and stop eating our feelings.  

But has that thought process ever really stopped you from eating 6 cupcakes at your nephew’s birthday party? Probably not.

So we might as well get shit scientifically correct.

The fact is food is soooo much more than fuel, and that narrative is only a part of the story. Food also includes micronutrients, phytochemicals, zoochemicals, water, and more. (Click the link to find out all the other cool shit food does for your body.) These things do waaaaay more than fuel your body. For instance, calcium helps build bones, clot blood, regulate blood pressure, keep our muscles and heart pumping, and maintain cell communication. (PrecisionNutrition.com) We could go on forever about the different shit you get from food and where it’s needed in your body. But that’s exhausting. So let’s keep going.

Science Shit: Food is Information.

If your body texts you through feelings, aches, pains, weight, and energy levels, the most effective way you can text back is with food. Food is literally the information or blueprint your body uses to rebuild itself. The idea that your body regenerates itself every seven years, isn’t exactly true, but many parts of your body rebuild themselves over different time periods. Check out this nifty drawing.

Cell Regeneration .png

Image Courtesy of www.livelovefruit.com

When we eat shit food, we are giving our bodies faulty information from which to work. Think about this: your liver will regenerate in 6 weeks. Contingent on what you eat in those 6 weeks, you can have an amazing liver that processes and works wonderfully, or you can have a shit one that doesn’t work properly. It’s the same way with your entire body.

Science Shit: Food affects your Mood.

The Snickers commercials actually have it right: You aren’t you when you’re hungry. Subsequently, our bodies aren’t operating at their best emotionally when we eat poorly.

Why the hell is that? Serotonin. It helps regulate sleep, appetite, mediate moods, and inhibit pain.  About 95% of your serotonin is produced in your gut, which is lined with neurons, Literally a hundred million of them. So you aren’t just digesting food down there. It is regulating your emotions.

Studies have shown that a typical “Western” diet have shown risk of depression is 25% - 35% higher than in Mediterranean or traditional Japanese diets, which are typically high in vegetables, fruit, lean meat, and unprocessed grains.

(For the true science nerds: click to learn more about food and mood, especially cool stuff about probiotics and anxiety!)

My professional opinion: consult your doctor about any eating plan. But before running for meds and prescriptions for those mood swings, those lethargic and dark days, ask yourself what you ate that day, and the day before that and the week before that. Chances are you can regulate those feelings through what you’re eating.

Our body just texted us EAT SOMETHING. OR FOR FUCKS SAKE EAT A VEGETABLE . What do we text back?

  1. LOVE

Food is more than fuel. It is more than nutrients, mood regulation, or any of the other shit I wrote in this blog or you’ll read elsewhere. Food is life and love. And those of us who have it in abundance (let along choice) are blessed. Our first relationship with food was a mother nurturing us with it, so there is a long history with it: Care. Nurture. Being fed. Being loved. It is only as human women that we are encouraged to hate ourselves, and thus, hate our relationship with the very thing we need to live.

Let’s start looking at food as a way to love yourself on a daily basis. To start the process of self-love through food, become conscious with your food. Thoughtless eating or not eating isn’t helping anyone. Think and eat. Prior to putting anything in your mouth take a moment to say “thank you” to the food. Taking this moment is an opportunity to be more aware and present with your food rather than mindlessly eating.

Start every conversation in your life with love. Especially a conversation with your body. Eat consciously  with love in mind. It’s the best possible thing you can text back to your body.


Food is how you energize your body and brain. It affects what you look like, feel like and think like. The best advice that I can give here is eat the rainbow, eat what’s in season, eat what is local. If you don’t have access to that, eat what you can! Frozen veggies are better than frozen fries. You will find a dip in your energy at first, but after awhile, your body will get used to all the veggies and love you’ve been giving her. And she’ll thank you for it.

  1. MOVE

I’m not going to get too much into this because I have sooo much more to say in my next blog, so I’ll just say this: moving never fucking hurts. The bottom line is: your body is designed to move, so don’t stop. Get up. Walk. Do a plank. Start dancing with your bae. Just MOVE. Starting your day off right with movement will indefinitely encourage you to keep up healthy habits for the rest of the day. Moving and eating mindfully make a great pair.

  1. RISE

I’m going to say it in EVERY blog: Evolution is NOT easy. You’ve had your current relationship with food far longer than you’ve decided to switch it up, so give yourself some patience. Make space for failure. Smile and enjoy your journey. But every step in the direction of mindful eating is a good step. Congratulate yourself at the end of every day for trying. If you didn’t mindfully eat today, fuck it. You aren’t a total failure. You only fail if you stop completely.  

So keep going, beautiful people.

Questions or comments? Hit me up here or on any fuckin’ platform you want!

 Thanks so much for listening to your body with me. And with every conversation please: Love, Energize, Move, and Rise!

 See you next week.

Stacy Berman