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Many people got to know Stacy Berman by getting their asses handed to them at one of her Stacy’s  Bootcamp sessions in Central Park. A pioneer in the fitness industry, Stacy created the first all year outdoor bootcamp in NYC back in 1999. Called a “NYC fitness icon” by Forbes Magazine, Stacy trail-blazed the way for the global boutique fitness craze we see today. 

Soon after her creating the first boot camp in NYC, Stacy realized food was the foundation for creating a sound mind in a sound body. She threw herself into nutrition with a passion,  became a certified nutrition specialist and worked with thousands of busy New Yorkers to figure out what worked and what didn’t. With feet on the ground practice Stacy created The System to help herself, her clients, and the world at large achieve a higher, more meaningful level of health and fitness.

Since creating The System, Stacy has gone on to receive a PhD in Natural Medicine and is presently writing a book Love Yourself Naked: The Science of Self Perception, Spirituality and Weight Loss that combines over twenty years in the health and fitness industries with scientific research to reveal how our thoughts affect the way we feel. Stacy is truly a forerunner in the mind - body holistic health movement with tens of thousands of hours of real life experience.  

Stacy has appeared on The Bobby Flay Show, The Doctors, The Wall Street Journal, Healthline, ABC, NBC, and CBS and was named a “NYC Fitness Icon” by Forbes. As quick with a joke as she is with a nugget of psychological insight or nutritional science, Stacy is focusing her considerable energy on using protein to unlock the healthy potential inside of every human body and working with people to unlock the potential inside every mind. And don’t worry, she’s just as concerned with how everyone looks naked as she ever was.