Meet Stacy

Many people got to know Stacy Berman by getting their asses handed to them at one of her Stacy’s Bootcamp sessions in Central Park. Not only did they get some of the most intense workouts of their lives, but they also got to hear Stacy’s thoughts on health, wellness, and balance. But it was probably her infectious laugh (and usually at least one remark about how everyone is going to be able to get naked in a moment’s notice) that kept the crowds coming back for more. 

Soon after her creating the first boot camp in NYC, Stacy realized that exercise is not the only component for creating a sound mind in a sound body, or getting you to look amazing with your clothes off. Stacy realized that putting anything less than the best in your body is a waste and The System by Stacy has developed from that philosophy. Stacy created The System to help herself, her clients, and the world at large achieve a higher level of health and fitness.

During her childhood in the Bronx, Stacy’s father got her interested in martial arts like Tae Kwon Do, Capoeira, and kickboxing. She took the knowledge she gained about kicking ass and decided to turn around and kick everyone else’s ass, but for their benefit. Stacy majored in Health Education and Psychology and became a certified personal trainer after graduation. In 2000 Stacy was named one of the top 10 trainers of the year, became a certified nutrition specialist, and started studying consciousness and meditation with Dr. Baskaran Pillai, a world-renowned guru whose education is geared towards enhancing human intelligence and positively transforming every aspect of life. Stacy completed an eight year apprenticeship with a Native American Shaman of the Hopi tradition and in 2017 received a Ph.D Natural Medicine. With over 20 years of hands on experience and scientific research under her belt, Stacy is an expert in reshaping people's bodies, minds and lives. 

Stacy is a Dr. of Natural Medicine, is completing a business degree at Columbia University has also appeared on The Bobby Flay Show,  The Doctors, Forbes,  The Wall Street Journal, Healthline, ABC, NBC, and CBS. As quick with a joke as she is with a nugget of psychological insight or nutritional science, Stacy is focusing her considerable energy on using protein to unlock the healthy potential inside of every body and working with people to unlock the potential inside every mind. And don’t worry, she’s just as concerned with how everyone looks naked as she ever was.

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